Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Photog Blog!

So Here it is folks, my very own photography blog! I finally did it! Yes, my husband does photography too and yes he will have his own blog. I thought by separating them it would be plain and simple as to who actually took the picture you are looking at and lets face it, I wanted complete control of my own pictures/blog :).

Well on Saturday I found a small white children's chair at Goodwill and took it home with high hopes I could turn it into something cute and wonderful for pictures. In my opinion, I did pretty darn good and here are the results..........


I know she looks a little concerned in a lot of these, but that is just the classic Claire look. Trust me, we get that look a lot!


She is my child that usually loves to be photographed, and lets me practice on her all the time


My absolute cheese ball. He over exaggerates everything, including his faces when we are taking pics.


  1. Our kids are the cutest. Jealous much?

  2. Sorry everyone, that last comment was from my husband.

  3. Oooh, love the chair. (Is that what we're supposed to be looking at in these pics?)

  4. :) Just kidding. The kids are pretty cute too. Awesome pics!! My turn.

  5. Adorable pictures!!! You have such a talent :)

  6. Those are get pics! You have such a great talent.

  7. Those are adorable! I love the pouty-face ones. And you were so right about the chair. Good eye and good job refinishing it! I definitely need you to take some of Benny!

  8. Thanks for posting these completely adorable pictures of the kids. Everything in your pictures is perfect. Heck, you even made my weeds look good!

  9. nice, but i think u should make more posts

  10. I'm just amazed that you bought a chair on Saturday and had it refinished and in pictures by Tuesday. Shane and I have had a dining set for three and a half years that needs to be refinished. Wanna come do it for us?? (Ha!)

    P.S. When this alien baby comes out of me, you are the only one who gets to take pictures of it, okay??

  11. You kids are definitely cute enough to be jealous of..not that I am surprised in the least!



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