Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last week some good friends and I went out to get some family shots. It was so much fun, not only because they are the sweetest, funniest family I know, but also because they have the most adorable little boy!! Alright Candi now that I have buttered you up, I hope you like these. I just chose a few..........trust me, there are a LOT more to see! Hope you enjoy until I get you the rest.


  1. Your the best Stephanie! You've really captured Benjamin. I could just eat him up he's so dang cute in these pictures!

  2. AWWWWW!!!! I love them. Candi, you're babelicious in number 2. Well, your a babe in all of them, but especially number 2. And Benjamin is adorable!

  3. I could die! Benjamin looks so so so cute! Great pictures Steph!

  4. hello u posted!!! now post on ur other blog

  5. Stephanie, I loved the new photos you took of Kasie, but it wasn't until I saw these of Candice and family that I realized you're Kasie's sister. Absolutely beautiful work!!!! I too will be contacting you in the future about an author's photo.



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